So why should you take a trip over to France and shop with Calais Wine Superstore? We’ve compiled some shopping information for you, including frequently asked questions, details on how much you can save and info about why the wine is so cheap.



If you’ve never been on a booze cruise before, then you’ve no doubt got quite a few questions about the whole process.

To help you understand the various aspects of buying wine in France and bringing it back to the UK, we’ve put together a thorough FAQ, detailing everything you need for a smooth and worry-free trip.

We’ll tell you how much alcohol you’re allowed to buy, travel information, wine tasting information, how to buy and pay, refunds, cancellations and much more.

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We know how great the service is here at Calais Wine Superstore, and we know how great the wine is that we sell, but don’t just take our word for it!

We have a 5 star rating on and are number 1 on Trip Advisor. On top of that, we have a huge number of positive reviews from genuine customers who have been delighted with our low prices and professional service.

It’s no surprise that we see the same faces year after year, as once people come once, they tend to return time and time again.

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How much can you save?

Obviously, the main reason to go on a booze cruise and come over to Calais is to save money when buying wine compared to the UK.

But just how much can you save?

We’ve taken some of our most popular brands and styles of wine and compared the prices with what you would pay in the UK just to show how amazing our savings are.

See how much you can save.

Why is our wine so cheap?

So why is it so much cheaper to buy wine in France than it is in the UK? That’s a very valid question.

The short answer is tax, but there’s a little more to it than that.

We also have an excellent team of buyers with over 50 years in the industry who know how to get a good deal from suppliers. We make great savings on what we buy and we pass those savings onto you.

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