Travel Offers

Here at Calais Wine Superstore, our ultimate aim is to help you save money by buying your wine in France rather than than the UK.

We know that travelling over to Calais can be costly, and that’s why we have a number of fantastic travel offers to make your whole trip even better value for money. We have offers on ferry crossings, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle crossings, and even an amazing free wine offer.


Free Ferry Crossing

For a long while, ferry crossing was the only feasible way of getting over to Calais from England, and it’s still an incredibly popular way of travelling over. For many, it’s part of the whole experience!

We know that your trip is all about saving money, so that’s why we have teamed up with P&O Ferries to bring you an unbelievably good offer - spend £250 with Calais Wine Superstore and get your day trip ferry ticket paid for.

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Free Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Crossing

Taking the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is a quick and easy way of getting from England to Calais, and a method that many of our customers choose when coming over to buy their wine.

We want your booze cruise to be as cost effective as possible, so we’ve teamed up with our friends at Eurotunnel Le Shuttle to bring you yet another fantastic offer.

Simply pre-order £250 of alcohol from Calais Wine Superstore and we’ll pay for your return day ticket. 

You can enjoy your day, see the sights of Calais and sample the wonderful French food knowing that your travel is paid for. You can’t say fairer than that!

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Free Wine Offer

Whilst we have a couple of fantastic travel offers if you’re coming to Calais by ferry or Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, we don’t want those who have already booked their transport to miss out.

Therefore, we have an amazing free wine offer to ensure that absolutely everyone gets great value for money at Calais Wine Superstore.

Depending on how much you spend with us, you could get up to £100 of free wine, which, when you consider how cheap our prices are, adds up to quite a lot of wine!

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Try Before You Buy

Unless you know exactly what you’re buying, we understand that spending a fair amount of money on wine can be a daunting prospect. However, you’ll be glad to know that you can try before you buy in our fantastic new wine tasting room.

We have over 150 wines for you to try for free all day, every day so you can find the styles you like the most. You can sample classic wines, popular brands, staff favourites and more in the comfort of a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Speak to our trained and knowledgeable staff who will give you their expert advice on what wines to try or on any other questions you may have.

Read more about our travel free without pre ordering service.