Frequently Asked Questions

How much wine and beer can I buy?

Officially there are no limits on how much wine, beer and spirits you can bring back to the UK, providing it is for your own use (which includes gifts, weddings and parties).

Customs & Excise publish guidelines of what can be considered reasonable. If you buy more than 120 bottles of wine and 250 cans of beer Customs and Excise may ask you to verify the intended usage.

Check the HMRC website or phone 0845 010 9000 for more information.

How much can my car carry?

A normal family hatchback can carry 30 cases x 6 bottles (180 bottles, 210kg) of wine. Please check your car's load capacity if in any doubt, this will be in the car's manual.

Why is it cheaper to buy wine and beer in France?

Wine can be up to 60% cheaper in France than the UK, because we pay so much in taxes that the French don’t pay. The UK government puts a £2.05 tax (BEFORE VAT) on every bottle of wine and £2.30 on every bottle of sparkling wine. Therefore you not only save this amount, but also benefit from the volume savings we can make when purchasing – all savings that we pass on to you.

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How much do I save?

You save on average £4 a bottle on UK supermarket prices.


Do you have wine tastings?

We have just opened our brand new Tasting Room with around 150 wines open all day everyday to taste. It’s a relaxed informal setting where you can try wines from our range and ask for any help or advice you may need.

If you wish to try your wines before you buy them and shop at your own leisure then we will still pay for your crossing over here, all we require is a commitment that you will buy your wines from us.

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Do you speak English?

Many of our staff are from the UK but all speak English fluently.

How do I pay?

To guarantee the prices shown on the website you need to pay in sterling, by cash or by cheque. We accept most major cards however your transaction will go through in Euros at your bank's daily exchange rate, so there may be a slight change between the UK advertised prices and the price paid at collection.

We advise that you pay in sterling by cheque or by cash to pay the advertised price. This way there are no nasty surprises when you get a low exchange rate from your bank!

Sterling or Euro cash is the fastest way to pay but if you do choose to pay by Sterling cheque, please note that we will require a passport and bank card for verification purposes. Don’t worry if this sounds confusing. We promise to help, explain and outline which is the best way to pay on the day.

How do I find you?

The Calais Wine Superstore is really easy to find, just 4 minutes drive from the port and 10 minutes from the Eurotunnel Le Shuffle Terminal. 

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Can I place a phone order?

The fastest and easiest way to place an order is on our easy to use website. However if you wish to place an order over the phone, you can call the store in France on 0033 321 19 00 19.

What are your opening hours?

The store is open 7 days a week from 9am-7pm French time.

How do you work out your savings?

Savings against the UK price are calculated based on the lowest price we can find for the same product from a UK retailer. We check this for each and every product when we put it live on the website, and may check this again on an ad hoc basis as the need arises.

If we cannot find the exact product for sale in the UK, if for example it is not currently sold by any retailer in the UK, we will calculate an average saving based on the closest product variant available. This may be a different size or style but will always be the closest match possible. 

Can I buy single bottles in store?

Yes you can – you can buy as much or little as you like from Calais Wine Superstore.

What is the current exchange rate?

The current exchange rate on the website is £1 = €1.10

Why can I only buy in multiples of 6?

We ask that pre-orders are in multiples of 6 - most of our customers find this is the best and easiest way to buy, it also makes it quick and efficient for you when collecting. The savings and prices shown are all on a per bottle basis to make for easy price comparison to the UK market. You can order Wine Boxes and Champagnes by the single box or bottle and you can of course add single bottles to your order when you collect in store.

How do the free crossings work?

PLEASE NOTE: Our free P&O Ferries crossings are currently suspended until further notice.

If you spend over £300 (or commit to spending over £300 using our Travel Free without Pre Ordering service), we will pay for your P&O Ferries crossing - or £500 for a free Eurotunnel le Shuttle crossing. Once you have added £300+ to your basket and reached the checkout we will ask you for your travel dates and times. 

The Calais Wine Superstore will pay for your return ticket. A £100 deposit will be charged on the card entered on the website this will be deducted off your receipt on the date of your visit.

Eurotunnel le Shuttle - if you plan to travel on the Eurotunnel le Shuttle we will book your free crossing for you and you will receive an email from Eurotunnel within 24 hours. Please note our offer is available only for day trip / overnight crossings. For Eurotunnel le Shuttle crossings, if we are unable to secure a crossing for your proposed date/time we will contact you by email to arrange an alternative time that is convenient for you where there is travel availability.

P&O Ferries - if you plan to travel via P&O Ferries we will send you a code to book your travel with P&O within 24 hours.

I can’t get the Ferry on the collection date I entered – what shall I do?

No problem just email [email protected] the date you will be coming over and we’ll amend your order collection date.

Why is the ferry company charging me a surcharge?

The ferry companies work in a very similar way to the trains in the UK. For each crossing there are set number of seats available before the prices rise. On the popular days and times these seats sell out fast, so to ensure you get the time and date you want, particularly if it is at a peak time on Saturday, the earlier you book the better. The free ferry crossing we offer is only available on a set number of seats per vessel determined only by P&O Ferries.

On certain days and at certain times when demand is high, these seats may have already run out. Therefore P&O will charge a surcharge for that crossing on top of your free ticket through us. Unfortunately this is beyond our control as P&O Ferries handle all bookings and reservations. In the past booking a ticket the day before or 2 days before travel didn't cause a problem, but this has now changed - since P&O Ferries have adopted a new booking system. So we recommend that you either:

  • Book as far in advance as you can to secure the free crossing
  • Be flexible with your crossing times and dates. When you place your pre-order with us, have a couple of crossing times in mind.
  • If in the event you are told you need to cross too early and return too late on a specific date, why not try our complimentary Eurotunnel le Shuttle tickets instead?

Complimentary Eurotunnel le Shuttle Offer

Can I bring a dog along with the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle crossing offer?

Our complimentary Eurotunnel Le Shuttle crossing offer doesn't cover the cost of a dog.

If you wish to bring a dog along with you on the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, please be sure to contact us as soon as you have booked the free crossing. An extra cost of £23 each way will be charged.

Can I amend an order once I've placed it?

Of course, you can either call the store directly on 0033 321 19 00 19 or email [email protected], please include your order number in any communication with us.

You can make any changes to your order once in store as long as any minimum spend requirements are met.

Can I have my wine delivered to the UK?

Unfortunately we cannot deliver to the UK. UK duty laws mean that the only way to make the most of the French duty saving is to shop in France in person. However we make it as cheap as possible for you to come over and collect your wine, with free P&O Ferries and free Eurotunnel le Shuttle crossings, plus the amount you save will make the trip more than worth it

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Do you deliver in France?

Unfortunately we are unable to deliver in France.

Can I return wine?

We will refund your money or exchange any product bought from The Calais Wine Superstore if you bring them back to us with the receipt and they are in resalable condition.

What if my wine is faulty?

No problem just bring the wine back to us and we will arrange a refund or exchange.

I need to cancel my order and I don’t have any free travel offers

No problem just email [email protected] and we will cancel it for you.

I need to cancel my trip, I’m booked on Eurotunnel le Shuttle

That’s no problem we can cancel or rearrange the ticket for you up to 24h before the crossing date. Please contact us as soon as possible unfortunately we are unable to cancel it if there is less than 24 hours notice after this Eurotunnel le Shuttle tickets are non-refundable.
If the booked crossing is not cancelled within 24h before the crossing date or you do not collect your order, the £100 deposit will not be refunded.

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I need to cancel my trip I’m booked on the Ferry?

Unfortunately all ferry crossings are non refundable. If you do not use your booking or you do not collect your order, the £100 deposit will not be refunded.

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