Plan Your Visit
Plan Your Visit

Taking a trip across The Channel to Calais to stock up on great cheap wines, champagnes and beers? Use this page to plan your visit, including information on what to see in Calais, where to eat, fuel prices and more.


Discover Calais

Planning a trip to pick up some bargains at Calais Wine? We recommend that you take the time to explore Calais and discover what gems this fantastic city has to offer.

We’ve collated some bits and pieces that we think will help you make the most of your time in Calais. We’ve listed some of the top landmarks around the city, some information on the fantastic markets that take place, and some of the big name shops you can visit.

We have also listed some details about our great offers, including how much wine you’ll need to pre-order for us to pay for your ferry or Eurotunnel Le Shuttle ticket.

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Around Calais

Calais isn’t just known for its cheap wine! As well as being the perfect place for a booze cruise, Calais is actually an incredibly rich cultural and historical destination.

We’ve put together a handy guide for what you should look out for around Calais if you fancy having a bit of a wander around the city before or after you’ve collected your wine. In fact, you might be quite surprised at just how much Calais has to offer - you’ll find great shopping, restaurants, historical monuments, and even a fantastic beach! It’s the perfect place for a day trip or even a weekend if you want to make your trip last a little longer.

We’ll tell you about various cultural hotspots around Calais, including Notre Dame Church, The Belfry, Calais Beach, and much more.

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Eating Out in Calais

A trip to Calais just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t sample some of the wonderful French cuisine and delicacies on offer. Even if you’re only planning a short trip, we highly recommend you take the time enjoy the delicious restaurants and eateries in Calais.

With Calais being a coastal city, fresh fish and seafood are obviously on the menus of many restaurants, although there is something for everyone if fish isn’t to your taste. Once you’ve polished off your main course, you must make time to visit one of the many patisseries and cake shops, whilst there are also a number of fantastic cheese shops if you want to take some delicious fromage home with you.

Don’t worry about having to seek out the best restaurants in Calais. We’ve put together a useful list that will save you time when looking for somewhere to eat.

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Fuel Prices

One thing that you’ll no doubt be considering when travelling over to Calais is how much you are going to spend on fuel and whether it's worth it.

We have developed a handy fuel savings calculator to help with this!

It works out how much wine you’ll need to buy to cover the cost of your fuel. It cleverly tells you how much your fuel will cost, and how many bottles of wine you need to buy to make that money back. 

Now you will always know that your trip has been a financial success! 

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