Zinfantail - Wine for your pet pooch

Do you remember Pinot meow - the wine for cats we told you about recently?

Well the company responsible for cat wine, Apollo Peak, is back with their newest release - yes you guessed it - wine for dogs. So now you're canine friend need not feel left out.

Whereas the feline wine was designed to give your kitty a buzz with catnip - the doggy alternatives - ZinfanTail and CharDOGnay (see what they did there?) - deliver quite the opposite. With ingredients like peppermint leaves to soothe digestion and chamomile for a calming effect, plus beet juice for "wine like" colouring.

Apollo peak describes the ZinfanTail as "a beautifully designed red wine for dogs" that's made with "a blend of Peppermint leaves that can help to soothe digestive upset, reduce gas, and help relieve nausea." They explain the CharDOGnay as a "natural relaxant for dogs while also having added health benefits."

zinfantail and chardognay

At $18 a bottle, it certainly isn't the amazing value you love and expect visiting us in Calais for your own human wine! Maybe a traditional old bone for fido and a few bottles of great value wine from The Calais Wine Superstore for you is a more appealing option?