Pinot Meow Anyone? New Wine for Cats!

This may sound like the makings of an amazing April fools joke (remember Parlo Solfi?), but even we couldn't have made this one up!

If you have ever sat sipping a lovely glass of merlot and thought, I wish I could share this with my feline friend, well your wishes have come true thanks to one US winemaker.

Apollo Peak, from Colorado, have created a cat wine. Yes, you heard me, wine for cats!! Marketed as 'a non-alcoholic catnip based feline snack', that comes in two varieties - Pinot Meow and MosCATo.

'I originally thought of the idea as a joke with some friends and I just slapped a label of this "Pinot Meow" onto a wine bottle and from that got the idea to actually start something for cats,' Mr Zavala said.

'I'd heard something about it before, but cat wine wasn't available in the US or in fact anywhere at that stage.'

You will be pleased to hear it is a non alcoholic tipple made from three ingredients guaranteed to please your cat - natural cat nip, water and beets.

wine for cats


Mr Zavala and two close friends began producing  cat wine in November last year and have seen unexpected demand, they are now shipping worldwide to cat lovers wanting to treat their furry friends.

'I started putting a brew together on my own and it took about six months to get it to keep its colour, consistency and look like a wine,' Mr Zavala said.

'I worked in pet foods before this and I always understood the pet market and it just seemed the right time to launch a cat wine.

'We began selling it locally in Denver and then lately its blown up.'

If your more of a dog person, and are thinking, what about my poor pooch?, well don't despair as a doggy range is expected to be released soon with two new products in the pipleline.

'The response with the cat wine has been awesome - we got a little bit of word out about it and its been crazy ever since,' he said.

If you fancy taking a closer look, you can visit Apollo Peak online. Or if you would rather spend your cash on the real stuff (for you obviously) then we look forward to seeing you soon at the Calais Wine Superstore!