Drinking Wine Together - The Secret to a Happy Marriage

So, what's the secret to a successful long term relationship? Alcohol apparently! Well, if you both drink that is.

A new study interviewed 2,767 couples over the age of 50, that had been together for an average of 33 years, and it found they had stronger relationships if they both drank (or abstained). It wasn't important how much they drank, just that they were harmoniously doing so in terms of how much.

The couples were interviewed over a period of 10 years, answering questions related to their drinking frequency and amount, as well as their marriage, such as if their spouse was reliable, or irritating.

Interestingly, the most unhappy relationships were reported to be when the woman drank more than the man. "When wives drank and the husbands didn’t, wives reported they were more dissatisfied with their marriage," reports Reuters.

"We’re not sure why this is happening," lead author Kira Birditt, told Reuters, "but it could be that couples that do more leisure time activities together have better marital quality."

I think its safe to say that couples that spend quality time together, enjoying each others company partaking in any jointly appreciated pass time, are likely to have a stronger relationship. If that happens to be a good bottle of red, then all the better!

So, in the name of a healthy marriage, crack open a bottle and share some good times drinking wine!