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  1. 'Stuck' for something to do?

    'Stuck' for something to do?

    If you've time on your hands after another speedy streamlined visit to The Calais Wine Superstore, we offer a few ideas:

    Fancy some new wine glasses? Fancy even seeing

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  2. Aiming for the stars!

    Aiming for the stars!

    Congratulations to young local chef Frédéric Pouilly of La Maison du Chef in nearby Ardres.

    Last Tuesday in Nice he received Third Place in the Trophy 'Bernard Loiseau', a national c

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  3. Love Calais: Where to hire a car in Calais

    Love Calais: Where to hire a car in Calais

    Thinking of a trip to Calais but don’t want to drive your own car over?  There are plenty of places to rent a vehicle within central Calais and the surrounding area.

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  4. Love Calais: Three independent hotels to try in Calais

    Love Calais: Three independent hotels to try in Calais

    If you’re visiting Calais to discover the alluring Cap Gris Nez

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  5. Love Calais: Jeunes et Nature

    For those wanting to head outdoors and discover the natural beauty of Calais, we recommend you book on a walking tour with Jeunes et Nature.

    The hiking group were established in 1968 and offer

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  6. Love Calais: Aero Club

    Experience a unique perspective on the sights of Calais, and take to the skies! Head down to Aero Club to take part in a once in a lifetime flight over the town and discover some of the sights you might

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  7. Love Calais: Calais Town Hall and Belfry

    Based on Flemish Neo-Renaissance style with Tudor details and a certified UNESCO world heritage site, the town halls Belfry tower supplies spectacular views over Place des Héros.

    Designed by architect

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  8. Love Calais: National Sea Centre - Nausicaa

    Established in 1991 Nausicaa, Centre National de la Mer educates visitors on the sustainable development of our activities on the planet.


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  9. Love Calais: Notre-Dame Church

    The oldest monument in Calais, the Notre-Dame church was built in the 13th century. It is noteworthy not only for this but for its attraction of Charles de Gaulle in 1921 to confirm his marriage to Yvonne

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