Spanish Wine

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About Spanish Wine

For decades Spain's most famous wine regions have been Rioja, and the classic fortified wine region, Sherry. However Spain has more recently experienced an awakening and is carving a reputation for making some seriously good wines in other regions too.

Rioja is produced in north-central Spain and has historically been the country's major red wine region. Rioja is produced using predominantly Tempranillo, A red grape variety synonymous with Spanish wine. However they also use Garnacha (Grenache), Graciano (Carignan), and Mazuelo, and red Rioja wine is typically a blend of two or more of these varieties.

Other regions of note are Ribera del Duero, also a big producer of Tempranillo, Priorato, Penedés in Catalonia - which is most known for Cava, Navarra, Toro and Rueda.

If you fancy trying something new from Spain then why not give some lesser know varieties a go in our tasting room on your next visit. We have stock of some fabulous finds, from merlot to chardonnay. Or if you just want to find a great quality Rioja or Cava at a price to please then we have that covered too!

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