Namaqua Smooth Dry Red 3 Litre Wine Box

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  • Equivalent to only 99p a bottle! This easy-drinking, medium to full-bodied red wine is soft, dry and velvety smooth with an abundance of berry fruit flavours.
  • The grapes are picked at perfect ripeness in the cool early morning. They then undergo a long, slow, cool fermentation in stainless steel tanks, to give a vibrantly fruity, rich soft red.
  • Delicious on its own or ideal partner to roasts, pasta, game or cheese.

Quick Facts

  • ABV 12.5%
  • Bottle Size 3ltr
  • Colour Red
  • Body Medium
  • Country South Africa
  • Region Olifants River
  • Main Grape Variety Red grape blend
  • Vintage NV
  • Occasion Every Day, Party
  • Made by Namaqua
  • Grape Mix Cabernet Sauvignon blend

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We used to love this

(I wrote a review a couple of weeks ago and it has not appeared - let's see if this one makes it into public view.) We have bought hundreds of litres of this over the years but the last lot, bought in October 2018, was completely different. Not quite bad enough to throw away but all I can say is I can see why the price has plummeted.

Dodgy Batch

Did a shop in October & stocked up with some of these and the white variety. The last three boxes of both whites & reds were definitely off, and after one box you start to question your own sense of taste... previously I’ve found both to be a perfectly acceptable (though nothing special) everyday plonk. Glad to have seen others reviews, and there has to be a problem with the packaging, they taste oxidised.
Btw, I brought a single box back during last year, was definitely off. Wasn’t nice to be given the third degree in order to get a refund...

We used to love this

We have bought hundreds of litres of this in the past but the last lot (recently opened, though bought in October 2018) was totally different - not quite bad enough to throw away but pretty ghastly. Not the same wine at all.

It gets worse - bought 12 (3 boxes of 4) of these, 36L - all corked.

We have tested 3 cartons, 2 from 1 pack, 1 from another, the 3rd untouched. The 3 we tested are all corked. We surmise that all 12 are bad. We will contact CW shortly. This is very bad.

Oh dear, we just opened it, it's vinegar.

We bought 12 boxes of this in August and only opened one now. It is sour / vinegar, so obviously the packing is compromised. I see that another reviewer says the same thing. We'll soon know if any more of this batch are off - that's 72 pounds worth, and we'll have to do something. Anyway cross this bridge when we open another. Until now Calais Wine have been super- good with customer service, so if the worst comes to the worst hopefully they'll let us bring them back and replace with something else.


Bought 3 of these in August, had to pour all away, contents had gone off, total waste of money, won’t be buying again.


Bought two boxes. One was so bad it seemed corked. Odd for a box! The other was overpowered with tannin, a harsh taste, and a nasty aftertaste.

Unless we were extremely unlucky to get two awful boxes, avoid!

Literally had a sip from each box, and then poured 6 litres of ‘wine’ down the sink. :(

Very disappointed..

An everyday wine.

It's nice, light, smooth and fruity. Open the box pop it on the shelf and you got a lovely glass of wine when you fancy. Amazing value this was in a supermarket at £16.99
I've seen people taking a whole trolley of just these boxes in while and red.

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