Around Calais
Around Calais

It’s estimated that 10 million Brits make the trip over to Calais each year. However, alongside the great value wine we have available here, there is another side to the city that is rich with historical and cultural heritage, which we recommend all visitors take the time to explore.


The city of Calais is divided into two parts, Calais-Nord and Calais-Sud.

Calais-Nord is the Old Town that was destroyed during WWll and has since been rebuilt. The canal separates the Old Town from Calais-Sud, where you will find the City Hall (Hôtel de Ville) and the commercial, shopping district.

What to do in Calais…

Calais plays host to some stunning architecture, and there are some great cultural experiences to have and restaurants to visit. We’ve put together some of our top picks for you to discover during your time here.


English King Edward lll wanted a base in France, and Calais was naturally the perfect choice with it being the closest point to England. Rodin created the sculpture in 1895, representing this event during the Hundred Years War: Edward offered to spare the people of the city if six of its leaders would surrender themselves to him to be executed - their lives were spared by the intervention of England's queen, Philippa of Hainault, who persuaded her husband to exercise mercy by claiming that their deaths would be a bad omen for her unborn child.

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