Alisios Tempranillo Touriga Brazil


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  • This wine draws you in with delicious aromas of tea and ripe berries in a soft texture - a lovely full-bodied red.
  • Produced in Brazil by highly experienced Portuguese winemaker Miguel Almeida.
  • "Alisios" are the winds blowing through the vines of the Campanha region of Rio Grande in Southern Brazil.

Quick Facts

  • Bottle Size 75cl
  • Colour Red
  • Body Full
  • Country Brazil
  • Region Campanha
  • Main Grape Variety Tempranillo
  • Vintage 2012
  • Occasion Dinner Party
  • Perfect With Burgers, Grilled Lamb, Roast Beef, Roast Lamb
  • Made by Seival Estate
  • Grape Mix Tempranillo and Touriga blend

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might be better if opened longer

First attempt at a Brazilian wine. Good body but may need to be opened a lot longer and decant is a must. Try again is really a wait and see thing.

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