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Perhaps surprisingly, the USA make more wine than any other country after France, Spain and Italy - 90% of this is from California, with its Mediterranean climate, but increasingly significant amounts of white wine and red are produced in areas such as the Pacific North-West, New York and Virginia. In fact winemaking has been attempted for many centuries in America - even the early settlers in the 16th century tried making it from local indigenous vines, as well as the 'vinifera' vines introduced from Europe.

Having taken the 'holistic' approach to life longer than most, it is possible to find many lower alcohol and organic wines produced by Californian winemakers. The Calais Wine Superstore have a great selection of well-known Californian brands. The Echo Falls Fusion range, with the rosé and white wine at 9.5% abv, The Bulletin Zinfandel rosé at 10%, Blossom Hill, and great red wine, white wine, rosé and dessert wine from leaders in organic / sustainable viticulture, Fetzer and Bonterra.

Californian wines are also noted for their fruity Zinfandel red wine grape varietal, White Zinfandel used in rosé wine, as well as some fruity Merlot and Chardonnay. From California's Central Valley to the famous Napa Valley, Californian wines have it all.