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  • Booze Cruise Around the World - Who Drinks the Most?

    Have you ever wondered which Countries are the booziest?  Would you be surprised to hear that Britain's doesn't top the list? Can you guess our position? Well, we don't even make the top 20!
  • 'Take Your Top Off' and get down to some serious drinking!

    A fantastic microbrewery located in Gypsy Hill, South East London, The London Beer Factory is part of the current British beer revolution. We're stocking 4 beers from them, each sold in a 360º can which allows the drinker to completely remove the lid - letting the full impact of aromas and flavours assault the recipient's nose and taste buds, a truly heavenly experience where the beer is really allowed full expression.
  • Fascinating Fizz Facts...

    ...you are more likely to be killed by a flying Champagne cork (which can reach speeds of 40 mph) than to be killed by a poisonous spider.

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