Eating Out In Calais

Calais and the surrounding area have an amazing range of delicious restaurants available for visitors to explore. If you are limited on time on your day trip, or looking to try some authentic French cuisine, then you will definitely find something suitable and tasty right here, in and around Calais.

As Calais is a coastal town, there are a number of popular seafood restaurants which specialise in serving freshly prepared fish, mussels, and oysters - which are all perfectly accompanied by a glass of white wine.

Many of the restaurants in Calais depend on sourcing their ingredients from the surrounding coastal areas and from whatever is in season with the local fisherman in the nearby ports. This means that you are guaranteed to find fresh, delicious food which draws on French, English and Flemish influences.

Where should I eat in Calais

Below we have put together some of the finest restaurants here in and around Calais:

When eating in Calais...

It’s recommended that if you are visiting Calais for lunch, that you should book in advance and try to arrive before 1.30pm. Lunch is served during set hours and tends to last for the whole afternoon. If you turn up after 3pm, there is a small chance you will be served.