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Vinho Verde Wine

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About Vinho Verde Wine

The Vinho Verde wine region is situated in the north-west of Portugal, and is famous around the world for its production of fresh, youthful wines, which are often released a few short months after the grapes are harvested and consumed soon after being bottled. The region has a Mediterranean climate, and its white wines are often characterised as being fragrant and light-bodied, with a sharp taste and a lemon-like colour.

Among the main varieties of white grape grown in the region are Alvarinho, Loureiro, Arinto and Azal. While red wine produced in the region is significantly less common and rarely seen outside of Portugal, there are some significant parts of the region which grow grapes like Vinhão, Azal Tinto and Espadeiro. The Vinhão grape, in particular, is used to create wines with a distinctive purple colouring, as well as a raisin-like flavour.