Swartland Wine

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The Swartland wine region is located in South Africa's Western Cape province, around 40 miles north of the city of Cape Town. It has gained a reputation as one of the most promising wine districts in the country, but wine production in the region is still a relatively new, with the area previously being associated more with wheat production. In terms of its climate, Swartland is hot and dry, yet its viticulture is mostly free from irrigation.

Both red and white wines are made in the region, with Chenin Blanc and Syrah being the two dominant grape varieties. In addition, Grenache, Pinotage and Mourvedre rank among the more common grapes grown in Swartland. The wine from the region is primarily characterised by its fruity, rich taste, and this is largely the result of the drought-resistant bush vines grown there, which produce grapes with very concentrated flavours.