South Australia Wine

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About South Australia Wine

The South Australia wine region is situated in south central Australia and is the most productive region in the country, accounting for around half of all wine produced there. It is divided into many different sub-regions, with some of the most prestigious and significant including Barossa Valley, Eden Valley and Adelaide Hills. Due to its size, it has a varied climate, although low rainfall is a feature across the entire region, making irrigation necessary.

Among the main grapes grown in South Australia are Syrah, which is used to produce full-bodied Shiraz wines, and Cabernet Sauvignon, which is especially prevalent in the south-east of the region. Although white wine is less common in general, the main exception to this is the high-quality Riesling grown in the north. Moreover, Chardonnay is also becoming more common and there are even some smaller areas dedicated to Semillon growth.