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  1. Jimmy Liao's Riesling
    Jimmy Liao's Riesling
    Country Germany
    Bottle Size 75cl
    ABV 11%
    Dryness Off Dry
    From Germany, the home of Riesling - a limpid pale yellow, this wine has lovely fruity floral aromas and delicious stone fruit flavours. Learn More
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About Riesling

Riesling is an aromatic, refreshing wine which usually comes in an elegant slender bottle, sure to add some distinction to your dinner table . With tastes of apple, peaches & pears and floral aromas, Riesling is widely known as a sweet wine, although there are certainly dry varieties worthy of a taste too. Germany is a well known producer of Riesling wine and produce a lot of wonderful sweet Rieslings, along with California. However, Riesling from the Alsace region of France tend to be dry.

Riesling is a grape variety which can age very well if it is a high quality wine. A good quality aged Riesling can give off an almost petrol like aroma which is thought by wine enthusiasts to be a sign of a good catch!

If you want a treat - pair a good bottle of Riesling with some spicy food, a combination which will send your tastebuds into a frenzy. You can pick up some real crowd pleasers at the Calais wine superstore at a fraction of the UK price, such as the Waimea Classic Riesling. So stock up, order a curry and put your feet up for the night to enjoy a taste sensation.