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    Marquis de Prayniac Bergerac Sweet White


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  • Chateau Grand Jauga Sauternes limited-stock

    Chateau Grand Jauga Sauternes


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Dessert wines have made a come back it is told, after some years out of favour. And it comes as no surprise - what is better after a great meal than a perfect sweet accompaniement to your dessert, or even in place of it!

There are many types of dessert wine - from noble rot wines such as the famous Sauternes from Bordeaux & Semillon, to late harvest wines such as Riesling, Pinot Gris, Muscat & Gewürztraminer. Lets not forget the fortified wine favourites - Sherry, Port & Madeira!

Our selection of dessert wines are a treat, and at prices which will make dessert even sweeter. Why not try our Chateau des Palmiers Cuvee Copis Ste Croix du Mont from Bordeaux?

If you fancy giving a dessert wine a whirl before buying, you can sample them in our tasting room, where we have over 150 wines open at any time to try before you buy.