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    Beefsteak Club Malbec

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    La Gran Bestia Malbec


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    Squealing Pig Mendoza Malbec


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The fifth largest producer in the world, Argentinian wines are characterised by big bold flavours - especially in the rich, velvety Malbecs that have become the country's calling card. Back in the 1990s Argentina had a reputation for large quantities of low quality red wine produced from vast vineyards on the hot valley floors. But since then the industry has seen a complete overhaul, with the quest for acidity and better balance in their wines taking Argentinian wine makers to higher altitudes, or sometimes further south to Patagonia, in search of cooler climates.

The red wine Argento Malbec available at The Calais Wine Superstore comes from vines grown in the Mendoza region at some of the highest altitudes in the world. Parra Alta, Otra Vida and Argento Malbecs are fantastic accompaniments to a good steak, and, also from the great Argento brand, we stock a lovely fruity Chardonnay white wine that presents equally great value.

Argentinian wines offer so much flavour so little money, and Mendoza Malbec has become one of the World's most popular styles in recent years for good reason.