Rosemount Wine

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Rosemount Estate is one of Australia's leading wineries, with a reputation for producing quality wines that reflect the unique riches of the Australian climate. Since their establishment in 1974 they have been sourcing their grapes from McLaren Vale, their regional home in South Australia, and have collected many accolades and awards which include Winemaker of the Year and Best Australian Producer at the IWSC in London in 2000 & New World Winery of the Year from Wine Enthusiast Magazine in 2011.

They make wines that are easy-drinking, full of luscious flavours and are ready to enjoy. From their world-renowned Rosemount Estate Diamond Label right through to their flagship wines such as the Rosemount Estate Balmoral Syrah and GSM - Rosemount wines promise freshness, vibrancy and great drinkability in every bottle.

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