Porta 6 & Vidigal Wines

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  • 2poundwine halfuk Hot Spot Red

    Hot Spot Red


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  • 2poundwine halfuk Hot Spot White

    Hot Spot White


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  • 2poundwine halfuk Julia Florista White

    Julia Florista White


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  • halfuk Porta 6 Red

    Porta 6 Red


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  • halfuk Vidigal Dao

    Vidigal Dao


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  • halfuk Vidigal Reserva

    Vidigal Reserva


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  • halfuk Porta 6 Sparkling

    Porta 6 Sparkling


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  • Vidigal Douro

    Vidigal Douro


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  • multibuy Coragem Touriga Red limited-stock

    Coragem Touriga Red


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    As low as: £8.99

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When celebrity chef James Martin was presented with the Porta 6 wine on his popular BBC cooking show, he said it was one of the best reds he'd tried in the 10 years he had worked on the programme. And we love it too! At just £3.49 a bottle at the Calais Wine Superstore, it's a real steal as it is retailing for a minimum of £7.49 in the UK. 

The porta 6 red is a Tinta Roriz, Castelão and Touriga Nacional blend which is from the Vidigal winery near Lisbon. We have also welcomed the Porta 6 sparkling, and the Porta 6 white - both of which also feature the striking label which depicts a tram winding its way through the tiny streets of Lisbon.  

From Vidigal Wines, the producer of Porta 6, we also have the Julia Florista red and white at only £1.99 a bottle. Plus a selection of their more premium offerings such as the Coragem Touriga Red wine. 

Our temperature controlled tasting room is the perfect place to try these stunning new flavours of Portugal. We know you will love them too!