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Jacobs Creek

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About Jacobs Creek

The first vineyard was planted on the banks of Jacob's Creek In 1847 with a vision to create great tasting wines which reflect the grapes and the land shaped by the soil and the sun of Australia.

The world famous wine producer are still there now, and are committed to the survival of some of the most fragile native animals and plants, which are secured within their creek. This is an on-going project, which relies on many hours of hard work and dedication from their employees and the support of the local community.

Jacob's Creek wines are famous the world over, and offer the perfect balance between value and quality. You can find the Jacob's Creek Twin Pickings Pinot Gris, which is a delicate balance of fresh pear and apple flavours, with sweetness and acidity.

You won't find Jacobs Creek wine in the UK for these great prices, you can currently save £5.50 a bottle at the Calais Wine Superstore compared to the supermarket.

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