Fetzer Wine

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Barney Fetzer is renowned for pioneering earth-friendly winemaking long before it was a buzzword, and to this day they continue his legacy of hard work, radical thinking and wines that make a difference. Fetzer Vineyards are seriously committed to conservation and have been awarded many an accolade to prove it, such as "the first California winery to operate on 100% renewable energy" in 1999 & "the first zero waste certified wine company in the world" in 2014.

But that isn't the end of the story - Their quest for the perfect relationship between land, climate and grape, has seen the production of wines of remarkable character which have been adorned many a reward. 

We welcome you to try a bottle in our temperature controlled tasting room, where we are sure you will agree, this is one of the best value wines you will find. Our selection of Fetzer starts are just £1.99 a bottle - a guilt free treat not to be beaten.