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About Errazuriz

The award winning Viña Errazuriz was founded in 1870 and is now noted for producing some of the world’s most noteworthy wines. To this day Errazuriz carry on the tradition, with an innovative and visionary spirit that has been its inspiration since the winery founded.

The famous errazuriz winery was built as a two-storey structure. The excavation and construction of its huge cellar rooms alone took five years. Still in use, this winery today houses a historic collection of wines - about 400 bottles of each of the vineyard’s iconic wines.

Wines of note include the award winning errazuriz max reserva syrah, in stock at The Calais Wine Superstore for just £8.99, which boasts a deep purple colour, great body and intensity. It is well balanced and complex, with round and velvety tannins. 

For every day drinking the errazuriz estate series are second to none for value and quality. At just £4.99 a bottle, we offer unbeatable prices for the entire series. We recommend you give them a try in our temperature controlled tasting room on your next visit. You will not be disappointed.