The Calais Wine Superstore offers a special Wedding Service, giving you the opportunity to make amazing savings on wine and champagne for your special day.

We know that buying the right wedding champagne and wine is an important part of the day, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. We have plenty of great advice on what kind of wine you need, how much champagne you need for a wedding and have listed some of our most popular wedding champagnes and wines.

We’ve helped countless happy couples get the most from their wedding budget. To help you make even bigger savings, we’ve put together 2 special wedding offers.

Find out more about our fantastic wine and champagne wedding service.

Our wedding gifts to you

Wedding Gift from the Calais Wine Superstore
Wedding Gift from the Calais Wine Superstore

* Excludes free ferry or Eurotunnel tickets
* Valid for one transaction per car per day

To claim either of these offers, just place your order online as normal and let us know you're getting married when you arrive at our store. We will give you the free stock in store on the top of your order as our own wedding gift to you.

Case Study

Mike and Sarah are getting married this year and are saving an incredible £930.00 on wines, money that will be spent to make the rest of the day that much more special.

To cater for 100 people they are buying:

  • Marques de Sierra Negra Cava
  • Lindemans Sydney Cove Chardonnay
  • Cepas Privadas Malbec
  • Make massive savings at The Calais Wine Superstore
"Thank you for helping us choose our wedding wines - our friends were amazed when we told them how much they cost! We love your store, the free travel offers and the fantastic service and will be back very soon."" Mike and Sarah

To make life easy for you, we've carefully compiled a range of wines and champagnes that are particularly suitable for weddings.

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