Wedding Advice
Wedding Advice

Deciding on the perfect wedding wine is important, but at Calais Wine we’re here to make sure the choice doesn’t become overwhelming - and neither does the price. Our specialist wedding service is built around you - helping you identify the perfect wines and champagne that you can get within your budget.

Here we’ll be taking you through some of the basics, like how much wine you’re going to need for your wedding, or what type of wine or champagne to buy. But if there’s any information you need that you can’t find on this page, just use our wedding enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


How much wine & champagne do you need for a wedding?

Arrival & Toasts

You will need champagne for the toasts, but you may also want some for the welcome drinks. For the toasts most people are seated and restricted by what you provide so 1 glass per person is usually fine. For welcome drinks, allow 2 glasses as people are often standing around for a while – and bare in mind if there is a paying bar available. We would always encourage people to round up to the next whole case (6 pack) to avoid running out.

Consider using a big-name Champagne for toasts and a more cost-effective, great tasting sparkling wine for welcome drinks to keep cost down. Take a look at our champagne guide to help you decide.

The Meal

We generally find that around half a bottle of wine per person (with a bit extra for safety) is a good amount, with a 50/50 split of white and red wine. You have a choice of whether to provide wine on the tables or have waiting on staff top up glasses when people are low. Also pay attention to the mix of guests, as some may require more wine than others.

What wine should I serve at my wedding meal?

Some people will say that the wine you serve at your wedding should match the food on offer. However, at The Calais Wine Superstore we are very much of the opinion that if you like the wine - it goes with whatever food is on offer!

This is why we’d always suggest that you try before you buy in our tasting room, so you can be confident that you and guests will love whatever wine you have at your wedding meal and party.

Remember, the season of your wedding could affect the red vs white split. If you’re having your wedding in winter then it’s usual to offer more red than white, but for those stunning summer weddings then the opposite works well.


General Wedding Champagne & Wine Advice

How many glasses do you get from a bottle of Champagne?
Standard Champagne flutes hold 125ml, so you will get 6 glasses from a normal bottle of Champagne.

How many glasses do you get from a bottle of wine?
A standard bottle of wine will provide 6 small (125ml) glasses of wine.

How many bottles are in a case of champagne?
A case is traditionally thought of as 12 bottles. However, Champagnes are only ever boxed in cases of 6, mainly due to the weight of the bottles. There are generally 3 magnums of Champagne in case of magnums (magnums are double bottles). 

Alternatives to Champagne
If champagne isn’t to your taste, then you can go for sparkling wine instead, which is generally much cheaper. Take a look at our great range of sparkling wines.

Some General Wine and Food Matching Ideas

Seafood, fish and vegetarian – Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio or a light, unoaked white, Gavi, Soave or a Spanish white.

Chicken, smoked fish or anything with a creamy sauce - Needs a wine with a bit more body and texture, but with plenty of acidity so Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc would be perfect.

Pork – Can be fatty, so a wine with plenty of acidity, even a touch of apple. Reisling would be a good match.

Lamb – You don’t want anything too tannic or over powering with lamb. A Rhone red with a bit of black peppery spice would go well, so would a new world syrah/shiraz.

Beef – You want a beefy wine to go with a nice beef dish. Bordeaux is the best bet or a new world Cabernet Sauvignon.

Anything Italian or with a rich tomato sauce – This can be tricky as tomato doesn’t do much for a wine, but stick to the old adage: 'what’s grown together goes together and you won’t go far wrong. Italian wine, red or white is made to complement this type of food.

Are you ready to select your wedding wine & champagne?