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Prosecco has fast become the UK's favourite sparkler - the British are responsible for drinking a third of all Prosecco produced! And it's easy to understand why. It's the perfect bottle to bring out for any occasion - guaranteed to please, but as an affordable alternative to champagne, you can keep the fridge stocked.

But its popularity has also seen prices rise as supply outstrips demand. This is why our Prosecco Visconti Della Rocca, for just £3.99 a bottle, is a very rare find indeed. Not least because of the price, but also for its outstanding quality - just read the reviews to see what our customers say about our amazing prosecco deal.

Prosecco is produced from the Glera grape variety in the region of Prosecco DOC in North East Italy. You may find a varietal blend of chardonnay or pinot grigio for example - however, to adorn the coveted title of Prosecco, it must hold at least 85% Glera. 

There's a lot more to that bottle of Prosecco than you think. It has a long and interesting history - Prosecco, was first grown in Ancient Rome under the name of Puccino. 

Whether you keep a bottle in the cupboard for special occasions, or it has its own resting spot in your fridge as a permanent inhabitant, there is no doubting that The Calais Wine Superstore is the best price to buy your favourite sparkling wine.