Saint Omer 24 x 50cl Cans


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  • Refreshing crisp taste. Balanced flavour of malt and hops.
  • Brasserie St Omer is run by Monsieur André Pecquer - in the wine industry and then beer industry all of his life, at 75 he is still hugely excited by making beer.
  • Clear golden colour with a white foam - malty and sweet with a light bitter finish.

Quick Facts

  • Style Lager
  • ABV 5%
  • Bottle Size 50cl
  • Country France
  • Made by St Omer

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Saint Omer 24 x 50cl Cans

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St Omer larger

Been buying St Omer larger from CalaisWine super store for the past 12 years and haven’t found a better larger. I introduced my friend to it and he now buys it every time we go over. Its 5 star from me.

Clive H.
Very good service from the staff.

Last time we came over and shock horror no Saint Omer, oh no what to do.
Spoke with a staff member who could not confirm when the next delivery would be in , tomorrow, thursday, who know's.
Sat and weighed up our options as we had taken the spend x amount and get free travel,so loaded up with carp english beer and paid.
While loading up or van an artic arrived in the car park, my mate joked, that will be the Saint Omer then, as we shut the doors the young lady with whom we had been talking with ran out waving her arms, Saint Omer, Saint Omer she's shouting.
So it's unload carp english beer and return it to the shop floor, a few moments later a pallet of Saint Omer is delivered to us, transaction completed, cash variations sorted and thanks given and returned.
Drove to the tunnel and got the waiting train out, home by 13;00, all in a round trip of 7 hours.
Cannot praise/thank staff at the warehouse enough, will we be back you betcha !

Mrs G Smith

Gave six cans of this to my granddad and he was on another planet, in a good way!


A lager with a superb flavour and I have yet to find a lager representing such excellent value.


Having "sampled" lagers for the past 40 years, I hope I'm able to tell a good beer from an average one, and boy, this 5% beauty doesn't disappoint. Lovely example of a good French beer. The 8% variety is even better. Bought 5 cases of the 5% and 2 cases of the 8% six months ago - sadly all gone after Xmas parties, but planning another visit soon

St Omer lager

We gave some to our son who passed one on to his pal whom he described as very knowledgeable when it came to lager. His pal tried it, was delighted with it and said that it was as good as any lager he had ever tried.

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6 Item(s)

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