Our Wedding Service
Our Wedding Service

We’ve helped countless happy couples get the most from their wedding budget. Our simple and rewarding wedding service is here to give you one less thing to think about ahead of your special day.

But there’s a lot more to our wedding service than just huge savings on wine (although that is an important part!). Here are a couple of things the people we have helped love about our specialist wedding wine service.


Why Choose The Calais Wine Superstore for your Wedding?

  • Unbeatable value - from just £1.49 a bottle, and savings of more than £4 per bottle on UK prices on your favourite brands.

  • Special offers on Champagne that will complement your wedding celebrations.

  • Free P&O ferry crossing when you pre-order, or commit to spend more than £300

  • Complimentary Eurotunnel Le Shuttle ticket when you pre-order or commit to spend more than £400
  • Free Tasting – You don’t have to pre order your wine, come and use our state of the art tasting room & try before you buy. You can still travel free!

  • Expert advice in store on food matching and the quantity of wine you will need.


How does it work? 

  1. Simply browse our range of wines, many with over £4 per bottle saving on UK retail prices, and place your order online.

  2. If you have spent £250 you can select a Eurotunnel le shuttle Day Trip or Overnight Return crossing, or a free P&O Ferries Day Return crossing.
  3. If you prefer to taste our wines before you choose, you can select a try before you buy ticket and visit our free tasting room! Just commit to spending £250 when you come to the store and get a free Eurotunnel le shuttle Day Trip or Overnight Return crossing, or a free P&O Ferries Day Return crossing.
  4. Enter your preferred date for travel at checkout.

  5. We will contact you to arrange your travel.

  6. If you need to amend your order - no problem. Just let us know your new collection time.

Terms & Conditions


Can I try the wine before I buy it?

Of course you can try the wine. In fact, we encourage it! As well as finding out what wines you like, it’s always good to have a chat with our wine experts.

But unlike some ‘wine experts’ they aren’t there to bore you with over the top language and unimportant facts, but they’re there to help you find wines that you and your wedding guests will love. They’ll also help you understand the logistics of it all including how many bottles you’ll need and what is best served at different stages of the day.

And you can still make the most of our free travel offers. Simply commit to buy from us - we'll pay for your ferry or tunnel crossing - then take your pick from the 150+ wines we have on tasting for FREE all day every day!


Is it worth travelling to Calais?

Other than the huge wine savings there are many things that make Calais a worthwhile destination.

There are some brilliant attractions and delicious restaurants in Calais, as well as beautiful beaches and other sites to see only a short drive away from the coastal town.

There’s also fantastic shopping to be enjoyed – and with the strength of the Euro over the Pound it’s the perfect place to pick up those last minute essentials for your wedding.

So why not make a day of it? Come over with your best man or maid of honour or stop the night in one of the top quality hotels. And then there’s always our wine tasting room to enjoy…

Why not make a short break of it?

Pre-order £500 or more and receive a free short-break return ferry trip valid for 3 days for a car and up to 5 passengers with P&O Ferries.


Already booked your crossing? We'll give you free wine instead!

Fear not - if you've already booked and paid for your ticket but still want the convenience of being able to place a pre-order and collect it. We'll give you free wine instead.

Ready to find the perfect wine for your wedding?

If you’re ready to make huge savings on good quality wines that will be perfect for your wedding then order online now, or book your try before you buy ticket.

If you still have questions, please get in touch with us today and find out exactly how we can help. We would love to hear from you.