Just like the good old days,
you can travel for FREE with The Calais Wine Superstore!

Spend £500 in order to get your FREE P&O Ferries Day Trip.
That's easily done with 2 people in the car !! ...

The 'New Booze Cruise', post Brexit, means you can still
enjoy the perfect day out to France and
stock up on your personal allowances !

2 people in a car can enjoy the DUTY FREE ALLOWANCE of
48 bottles of still wine, 24 bottles of fizz and up to 30 cases of beer (12 x 25cl).

That's still a heck of a lot of booze ... *
The bigger the car, and the more people there are, the more allowances you are allowed ...

So we're giving you FREE Day Trips,
and if £500 seems like too much booze (!),
you can pay only £20 for a Day Trip ticket as long as you spend £250 in store ! **

AND the 'New Booze Cruise' means you no longer have to pay French VAT !!!

Spend £500, get a FREE Day-Trip, and receive up to £75 refund with SkipTax ***


We are almost a 'DUTY FREE' store as the duty on a 75cl bottle of wine in France is £0.02 !! We can sell to anyone returning to the UK the same allowances as DUTY FREE shops. If you are staying in Europe you can still buy as much as you like! In fact we are cheaper than DUTY FREE shops - come in & check us out...!!!

We offer FREE tastings too and FREE tea and coffee for all our customers ! And we are located only 4 minutes from the port !

** You have 2 options:

Option 1:
Spend £500 to get a FREE P&O Ferries Day Trip. We take a £60 deposit. On collection of goods we refund £40 off your receipt and give you a £20 voucher to spend in the duty free shop on board P&O Ferries on your return trip.

Option 2:
Spend £250 or more, we take a £60 deposit. We refund £20 off your receipt and give you a £20 P&O Ferries voucher. Cost to you: £20.

*** up to 15% refund with SkipTax


* Up to 15% tax refund with SkipTax

Please note: It is important to clearly see the green sign on the screen of the PABLO terminal which indicates the validation of your VAT claim form.