Leopards Leap Chenin Blanc Sauvignon Blanc


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  • Fantastic example of a well-balanced blend - the earthiness of the Chenin complements the bright, grassy herbaceous character of the Sauvignon Blanc beautifully.
  • Packed with fruitiness - this wine can be enjoyed on its own or paired with shell fish, chicken or salads.
  • From the Franschhoek wine farm dedicated to food, conservation and literature as well as wine, a first-rate combination of quality and value.

Quick Facts

  • Bottle Size 75cl
  • Colour White
  • Dryness Dry
  • Country South Africa
  • Region Franschhoek
  • Main Grape Variety Sauvignon Blanc
  • Vintage 2016
  • Occasion Every Day
  • Perfect With Chicken, Salads, Shell Fish
  • Made by Leopard's Leap
  • Grape Mix 60% Sauvignon Blanc, 40% Chenin Blanc

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