Domaine Delsol Bouchon Picpoul de Pinet


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  • On what was to become Domaine Delsol, legend has it that Hannibal passed through with his elephants en route to Rome - hence elephants now feature on the bottle of this refreshing southern French white wine.
  • A lovely golden hue with tints of green, Domaine Delsol Picpoul de Pinet has a floral aroma reminiscent of hawthorn and lime trees, with bright and fresh fruit flavours.
  • Pair with shellfish or grilled fish.

Quick Facts

  • ABV 13%
  • Bottle Size 75cl
  • Colour White
  • Dryness Dry
  • Country France
  • Region South of France
  • Main Grape Variety Picpoul
  • Vintage 2018
  • Occasion Dinner Party
  • Perfect With Lobster, Oily Fish, Shell Fish
  • Made by Les Vignobles Foncalieu
  • Grape Mix 100% Picpoul

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Domaine Delsol Bouchon Picpoul de Pinet

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