Coragem Touriga Red


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  • Produced from the sunny and busy vineyards covering the hills to the north of Lisbon, Vidigal have applied the expertise necessary to bring the very best out of Portugal's national grape.
  • A dense ruby tinged with purple, this powerful wine is a delightful harmony of fruits, nuts, mint, raspberries and a hint of toast with a pleasantly rounded finish.
  • Pair with rich red meats, barbeque, creamy pasta or mature cheeses.

Quick Facts

  • ABV 14%
  • Bottle Size 75cl
  • Colour Red
  • Body Medium
  • Country Portugal
  • Region Lisboa
  • Main Grape Variety Touriga Nacional
  • Vintage 2016
  • Occasion BBQ, Dinner Party, Sunday Roast
  • Perfect With Beef, Blue Cheese, Cream Pasta, Grilled Lamb, Ribs, Steak
  • Made by Vidigal Wines
  • Grape Mix 100% Touriga Nacional

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Chris B
Massive impact at 14% alcohol and kicks like a mule!

Equal to or overcomes Pigeon, Goat, Mutton or Venison and yet still enjoyable. Imagine a dry red wine on a par with Vintage Port. A wine for bank holidays when there is no need to drive the following day. These old world reds numb your thinking and are a challenge.

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