The World of Wine

  • Biodynamic Wine

    Strange as it may seem, the position of the moon & stars and the effects of buried cow horns are taken seriously by a large part of the wine industry in crafting their wines.
  • Listen Very Carefully...I Will Say Zis Only Once!

    If you like that sort of thing, there's a huge range of weapons, uniforms and military artefacts just down the road from The Calais Wine Superstore - even down to the minutiae of ink wells and stockings.
  • A Tonic to Add During Your Next Sojourn...

    At the World Gin Awards 2018 held just last week at the Honourable Artillery Company, London, local Distillerie Persyn's "Houlle Brut de Fût" won nothing less than the "World's Best Genever" category!! Futhermore their "Genièvre de Houlle" picked up a Gold Medal! 
  • Mmmmm Red Wine Hot Chocolate!

    With the wind howling outside, and the January back to work blues setting in - I thought we could all do with a little indulgence to bring back the cheer. If you love chocolate and wine, then this is just the thing for you. And let's face it, there really is nothing more beautifully indulgent and mood-altering than chocolate and wine.
  • Will Alcohol Help you Speak a Foreign Language?

    Have you ever fancied learning a second language? Perhaps French - for your visits to Calais? This little bit of news may make the proposition seem a little sweeter - as it's possible that a glass of wine while you practice could help to hone your new found skills.
  • Harvest in Hungary

    The Calais Wine Superstore's very own Balazs is from Hungarian winemaking stock. The Hegedus family are in the third generation of winemaking - or fourth and fifth if Balazs and his son Hugo take it up too!
  • Bag in Box Wine is Back!

    I recently purchased my first ever box of wine. And it seems I'm not alone! With bag in box wine sales soaring - is it the new cool?
  • Vidigal Wines - Who are the 3 Figures?

    One of our most loyal customers was intrigued by the three figures featuring on one of his new favourite wine finds. So he got in touch with Vidigal Wines directly to find out more. Vidigal were kind enough to share their interesting story. Our customer shared this with us, and we wanted to share it with you.
  • Red Wine Infused Coffee, It's Officially a Thing!

    If you love coffee as much as you love wine, then we have just made a discovery that will definitely make you smile. Some clever coffee creators have been experimenting, and are officially the first to produce wine infused coffee beans!
  • Wine Condom - Best Invention Ever!

    Now, this may sound like a joke, I know, it really does. But actually, this is one of the most clever inventions I think I have ever seen!
  • How Cork Creative Are You?

    Not sure what to do with all of those discarded corks? Here, let us help you out with some useful ideas.

    Now you have your creative juiced flowing, you best collect up some corks. I think you will need a glass of wine to be getting on with too!

  • Fancy some Bordeaux Wine with your Marathon?

    Have you ever fancied running a marathon, but thought, no, there just isn't enough opportunity to eat cheese and drink wine in that 6 hour window? Well we may have stumbled across the answer to your dilemma!
  • Zinfantail - Wine for your pet pooch

    Do you remember Pinot meow - the wine for cats we told you about recently? Well the company responsible for cat wine, Apollo Peak, is back with their newest release - yes you guessed it - wine for dogs. So now you're canine friend need not feel left out.
  • Drinking Wine Together - The Secret to a Happy Marriage

    So, what's the secret to a successful long term relationship? Alcohol apparently! Well, if you both drink that is.
  • Coffee Guide for Wine Lovers

    They are both made from fruit and have flavours influenced by the soil and climate in which they’re grown. But the similarities between coffee and wine don’t end there, from the way we taste them to the words we use to describe them, is it a wonder that many wine lovers also have a fondness for coffee? If, like me, you turn to this alternative liquid essential during the working day, then you will no doubt enjoy this guide for wine lovers to finding your perfectly matched coffee.
  • Top 5 Quirky Gifts for Wine Lovers

    I love coming across quirky wine related paraphernalia, and often think, that would be perfect for my sister, or dad or (insert relevant wine loving friend or relative here). I thought it only fair to share some of these fabulous finds with you for next time you are stuck with what to buy a fellow lover of wine close to your heart.
  • Pinot Meow Anyone? New Wine for Cats!

    If you have ever sat sipping a lovely glass of merlot and thought, I wish I could share this with my feline friend, well your wishes have come true thanks to one US winemaker. Apollo Peak, from Colorado, have created a cat wine! Marketed as 'a non-alcoholic catnip based feline snack', that comes in two varieties - Pinot Meow and MosCATo.
  • Do you keep your Red Wine in the Fridge?

    What do you do with your open bottle of red wine? Does this ever occur in your house? If like me (and most other people I imagine) you keep it firmly out of the fridge, you are about to be surprised! A leading wine expert has decided to break the news that goes against everything we thought we knew about red wine, by telling us it should be kept in the fridge.
  • 5 Reasons To Drink Wine According to Scientists

    There is currently a lot of media coverage on the benefits of drinking wine, particularly its ability to aid weight loss. It's so confusing! One day red wine will help us live longer, the next it will send us to an early grave! Well, as we love wine, we have decided to be optimistic on the subject and put together the top 5 reasons to drink wine, according to scientists (well some!).
  • World Wine Week

    World Wine Week was founded in 2007 to encourage and inspire the UK to experiment, discover and explore the vast world of wine.

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