Listen Very Carefully...I Will Say Zis Only Once!

Our very own Maryline would like you to know that two passionate and committed collectors of militaria have amassed an amazing record of the Second World War not far from The Calais Wine Superstore - located a short drive down the A16, 15 minutes before Boulogne.

OMG! Now there's a uniform to die for! OMG ! There's a uniform to die for - I've just gotta have it!


Apart from the Sherman tank, artillery and other vehicles outside the museum, inside this treasure trove of the period you will find a fascinating panorama of WWII, a huge range of weapons, uniforms and artefacts - right down to minutiae like ink wells and stockings - all presented with English translations. There is even a small cinema showing original footage with English subtitles.

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There is also a discounted entrance price if you combine your visit to the 3945 Ambleteuse Museum with the Batterie Todt near Cap Griz Nez.  As Hitler knew, it's all about 'location, location, location' and this was an important part of the Atlantic Wall fortification built by the Nazis, equipped with four 15 inch calibre Krupp guns capable of reaching the coast of Britain.

I say old boy, did you get planning permission for that large extension? ...I say old boy, did you get planning permission for that large extension?


Full details here - See you soon!

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