What is really on the other side of the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle?

You’ve finally reached the other side of the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and find yourself at the terminal in Coquelles. Now you’ve passed through the tunnel from England, it’s the perfect time for you to relax and for your day-trip, or overnight visit, to really start!

You might have plans to visit a number of different places during your trip in France, and there are some stunning places we would recommend you visit [LINK]. You could, alternatively, be visiting this route for cheap alcohol or food, and are looking for a few quick suggestions to enhance your visit.

So, not matter what the purpose, you may be wondering what you can get up to when you directly drive off the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide!

When you first arrive at the France Eurotunnel Le Shuttle terminal…

When you first leave the train, you’ll find yourself in the terminal at Coquelles. You will then be directed to the main roads, which can lead you to a number of different villages, and cities across France.

Before embarking on your exciting adventure, we’d recommend you have a plan of action and know which route you need to take to see the sights during your visit. Use your time in the tunnel to flick through a roadmap, or have your satnav prepared if you prefer. This will just mean you can get on with your journey stress free when you disembark the train.


What is in the surrounding area when I leave the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle?

Well...as this is a shipping port and it can look quite built-up and industrialised. It’s not the most scenic of places- but, we promise you once you’ve left the initial area you are bound to discover some of the most beautiful villages and towns that France has to offer!

I’m feeling a bit peckish after leaving the terminal, is there anywhere around there I can eat?

Dotted on the outskirts of the terminal, there are a number of traditional French restaurants and cafes in which you can indulge in delicious food and drink. Here are our top picks of restaurants that are only a short driving distance to reach...

Cafe de Paris -

Discover the largest brasserie in Calais that’s themed with a traditional Parisian style. There’s a children’s menu for the younger ones, and the food is home cooked using locally sourced produce. It’s a 15 minute drive from the terminal- and well worth it.

For more information, visit www.cafedeparis-calais.com

Address: 72, rue Royale 62100 Calais Tel: +33 (0) 3 21 34 76 84

Au Vieux Fourneau -

If you are keen to sample some French delicacies, take a ten minute drive to Au Vieux Fourneau. Here you will find a range of food that will be sure to get your tastebuds tingling! The decor is of a typical 1990s brasserie and perfect for a light lunch!

Address: 4, rue Royale, 62100 Calais Tel : + 33 (0)3 21 34 67 88


Are there any local areas I can explore?

If you find yourself with some free time during your trip, there are some stunning villages situated just a short drive from the terminal. Why not explore them, and get a feel for the real French countryside? We would highly recommend visiting these picturesque places.

Saint-Valery-sur-Somme -

A cosy, traditional village found an hours drive from the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle terminal. The streets are lined with scenic, colourful, sailor’s cottages that overlook the marina and the bay of Somme. Take a stroll down the coastal front, and discover the medieval gems of this seaside find.

Montreuil -

Dabble with the historical and meander through the streets where Victor Hugo’s classic, Les Mis, was set during his stay here. It’s a traditional French town that is built on a hill offering amazing views, with cobbled lined streets and delicious restaurants and bars.

Ardres -

If you are looking to not stray too far from the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle terminal, the 20 minute drive to the wonderful Adres is a short and splendid trip. Although it’s an inland village, you can stroll around the lakes to the north of the city. There are two stunning churches and a few cafes, shops and restaurants for you to enjoy.

Are there any shops in or around the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle terminal which I can visit?

Yes, there are a number of shops in the terminal, but there’s also a huge shopping centre close by. Head to the Cite Europe Shopping Mall [ADDRESS/MAPS] for a wonderful range of shops including H&M, Zara. It’s perfect for finding some little treats for yourself.


Most the stores offer great discounts because of the strength of the Euro against the pound, and you will be sure to come away with some great bargains! It’s great for those looking to kill some time before the departure home.

And once you’ve managed to fit all this in, make sure you have visited the most important part of Calais, our wine superstore!

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