• Planning an Easter Calais Visit?

    If you intend to use the Eurotunnel le shuttle either directly, or with one of our fabulous free crossing offers, then please book or pre order online as soon as you can. Availability is now very limited due to high demand, and some days are already completely booked up!
  • Top 10 Funny Wine Quotes

    A good glass of wine has long been enjoyed, and some fabulous quotes have been recorded throughout the years. Here are my top 10 wine quotes which are sure to cheer your Friday afternoon.
  • Love Calais: Latest Travel News - 22nd February 2016

    Both Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and P&O Ferries are reporting services operating to schedule.

  • Fascinating Fizz Facts...

    ...you are more likely to be killed by a flying Champagne cork (which can reach speeds of 40 mph) than to be killed by a poisonous spider.
  • A Man’s Guide to Valentine’s Day (written by a Woman!)

    Do you need some help and inspiration to see you sail smoothly through Sunday? Here are some useful tips to a successful Valentine’s.
  • Aiming for the stars!

    Congratulations to young local chef Frédéric Pouilly of La Maison du Chef in nearby Ardres. Having made it through to the national finals in Nice, last Tuesday he received Third Place in the Trophy 'Bernard Loiseau', a prestigious national competition organised by the Culinary Academy of France.
  • Is red Wine the secret to long life?

    Is the secret to long life 4 bottles of red wine a day? Well the great news to cheer you into the Weekend is, possibly? As Antonio Docampo Garcia, a Spanish vineyard owner who has recently died aged 107, attributed his impressive age to just that. (Of course he is probably a little biased).
  • Our favourite UK food and wine festivals 2016

    Love the roaring atmosphere of a hearty food and drink festival? Here at The Calais Wine Superstore, we’ve selected a few of our favourite food and drink events across the UK for you to put in your diary for 2016.
  • Love Calais: Latest Travel News – 11th January 2016

    Latest travel updates for services on Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and P&O Ferries
  • How To Survive Your First Wine Tasting Session

    We know that wine tasting sessions can be a little daunting at first. Our tips will help you survive your first wine tasting session & come across as a pro.
  • Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!!!

    Thanks so much for all your Christmas cards!

  • 20 of the Best Wine Gifs & Memes on the Internet

    We take a lighthearted look at some of the best wine gifs and memes on the internet.
  • Drinks guide to the festive season

    Whether it’s a warming, mellow tipple on Christmas Eve or a sparkling cork popper to see in the New Year, ‘tis the season to stock up on the best celebratory drinks to enjoy throughout the festive season.
  • Facts About The Great British Party Season [infographic]

    With the Christmas party season upon us, there's going to be plenty of people cracking open a bottle of their favourite tipple, dancing the night away and potentially embarrassing themselves in front of their boss and work colleagues. Our infographic tots up the real cost of the Great British party season.
  • What To Get The Wine Lover In Your Life This Christmas

    Is one of your friends or family members partial to a glass of vino every now and again? Struggling with what to get that person for Christmas? Worry not! We’ve collated some of the best wine gifts out there that are sure to go down a treat this Christmas, including gadgets to help you open bottles, decorative wine racks and even our own picks for what wine you could buy...
  • The Resurgence of the Booze Cruise

    We take a look at just why there's been such a resurgence of the booze cruise over the past couple of years.
  • World-class welcome at 'Au tour du Monde'

    Nestled in the Flanders village of Bollezeele is a warm, friendly and slightly quirky little bar restaurant that sports not only an excellent menu and good selection of beers, but also a collection of vintage motorcycles owned by the proprietor.
  • Love Calais: Latest Travel News – 2nd November 2015

    Running smoothly! - once again Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and P&O Ferries are both reporting services running to schedule. It is worth noting that an increase from 23rd October in the number of Gendarmerie around the terminal - 100% dedicated to the protection of Eurotunnel operations - has seen a big reduction in disruptions to the timetable.

  • Love Calais: Latest Travel News – 26th October 2015

    Travel news - Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and P&O Ferries both report services running to schedule as normal.

  • Love Calais: Latest Travel News - 19th October 2015

    Travel news update 13.15 hrs: 19/10/15: Eurotunnel Le Shuttle are reporting a temporary 30 minute delay on the UK side following an incident this morning - no delay on Calais side. P&O Ferries  report services running to schedule as normal.

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