• The Cooler way to enjoy Wine or Champagne

    The sun is out and we're celebrating the only way we know how - with a wine or champagne related summer treat! If you need some inspiration for a boozy spectacle for a bbq, or just want an adult only indulgent summer treat - then why not try one of these 2 amazing alcoholic ice lolly recipes.
  • Coffee Guide for Wine Lovers

    They are both made from fruit and have flavours influenced by the soil and climate in which they’re grown. But the similarities between coffee and wine don’t end there, from the way we taste them to the words we use to describe them, is it a wonder that many wine lovers also have a fondness for coffee? If, like me, you turn to this alternative liquid essential during the working day, then you will no doubt enjoy this guide for wine lovers to finding your perfectly matched coffee.
  • Top 5 Quirky Gifts for Wine Lovers

    I love coming across quirky wine related paraphernalia, and often think, that would be perfect for my sister, or dad or (insert relevant wine loving friend or relative here). I thought it only fair to share some of these fabulous finds with you for next time you are stuck with what to buy a fellow lover of wine close to your heart.
  • Pinot Meow Anyone? New Wine for Cats!

    If you have ever sat sipping a lovely glass of merlot and thought, I wish I could share this with my feline friend, well your wishes have come true thanks to one US winemaker. Apollo Peak, from Colorado, have created a cat wine! Marketed as 'a non-alcoholic catnip based feline snack', that comes in two varieties - Pinot Meow and MosCATo.
  • Do you keep your Red Wine in the Fridge?

    What do you do with your open bottle of red wine? Does this ever occur in your house? If like me (and most other people I imagine) you keep it firmly out of the fridge, you are about to be surprised! A leading wine expert has decided to break the news that goes against everything we thought we knew about red wine, by telling us it should be kept in the fridge.
  • New Wine Theme Park Opening in France

    We know you need no better excuse to pop across the channel to France than to visit the Calais Wine Superstore, however, this may come a close second! Set to open tomorrow (June 1st) is a wine theme park! It is called la Cité du Vin (or the City of Wine) and is opening in Bordeaux.
  • 5 Reasons To Drink Wine According to Scientists

    There is currently a lot of media coverage on the benefits of drinking wine, particularly its ability to aid weight loss. It's so confusing! One day red wine will help us live longer, the next it will send us to an early grave! Well, as we love wine, we have decided to be optimistic on the subject and put together the top 5 reasons to drink wine, according to scientists (well some!).
  • BBC Rip Off Britain at The Calais Wine Superstore

    We've known it for a while, but it seems the good people at the BBC have come to agree - The booze cruise is back! On their popular show, BBC Rip off Britain - Gloria Hunniford, Angela Rippon and Julia Somerville investigated the savings to be had when taking a day trip to Calais to buy wine.
  • World Wine Week

    World Wine Week was founded in 2007 to encourage and inspire the UK to experiment, discover and explore the vast world of wine.
  • 3 Glasses After - The Wine Project

    We all know a glass of wine (or 3) can change the way we behave and look, in some more than others. But have you ever wondered what that looks like in picture form?
  • Wine Flavour Library

    Do you need a little inspiration? If you fancy trying something new but aren't too sure where to start then you will love our new wine flavour library. Designed to help you select a grape variety suited to your taste preferences, and with links through to some of our favourites too.
  • Love Calais: Latest Travel News - 5th April 2016

    Eurotunnel Le Shuttle (Folkestone - Calais) and P & O Ferries (Dover - Calais) both report all services operating to schedule in both directions

  • New Instant Wine Pouches

    Now you can fit more than ever in your car when you visit us in Calais, as you can add the water yourself when you get home. Thanks to the revolutionary new product we have just introduced in store - Parlo Solfi Wine Pouches!
  • Creative Juice

    From the fourth generation of a classic Australian wine dynasty - two great wines that really are excellent for the money. Lisa McGuigan Wilde Thing is a harmony of wine and style, with both the red and white available at just £2.19 each, they're the perfect fashion accessory.
  • St Patrick's Day Champagne Cocktails

    St Patrick's Day - there really is no better excuse to have a Thursday night party in the middle of March. It is almost obligatory to mark this day with a little tipple!
  • World-class quality off the beaten track.

    From Waimea Estates we have a superb new range of light, fresh and vibrant white wines together with a scented supple Pinot Noir, of which New Zealand can justifiably claim to produce some of the best in the New World. It's an outstanding selection, all five wines have won at least one award at international wine competitions!
  • Our Top 5 Wines as Rated by You

    Do you like these 5 wines as much as they say? Check out our current top 5 bestsellers and our customer views.
  • Travel to Calais in style!

    Did you know the Orient Express stops at Calais? The 5-star luxury service runs from London to Venice - obviously an unforgettable experience and a snip at only £2,210 one way - London-Venice or vice versa. The only drawback is that we're not sure whether a visit to The Calais Wine Superstore is included on the itinerary, and where you can keep all the bottles in your compartment.
  • Limited Time - Special Free Eurotunnel Travel Offer

    For those of you who love to make the most of our free travel offers, we have a real treat for you.
  • See five kingdoms from Cassel

    Well worth visiting if you have a little time to spare on your trip over, the pretty Flanders town of Cassel is home to the Museum of Flanders. Housed in one of the most beautiful Flemish buildings in the region, the Museum has an ornate 16th century Renaissance facade and shows innovative and original exhibitions dedicated to the art, history and folklore of the region.

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