• A Rare Bordeaux Wine Find - What a Treat!

    Every now and then we serve up a rarity, something a little special which is just not to be missed. This is definitely the case with the L'Enclos de Ramage 2009 vintage, which we have in stock in a great value magnum bottle in very limited quantities.
  • Red Wine Infused Coffee, It's Officially a Thing!

    If you love coffee as much as you love wine, then we have just made a discovery that will definitely make you smile. Some clever coffee creators have been experimenting, and are officially the first to produce wine infused coffee beans!
  • The Cheapest Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc in the World!!

    Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough can justifiably claim to be the global-leader, having set an international benchmark for the style back in the 80s with its dazzlingly exuberant flavours.
  • Best Value Wine Guide to Beat the January Pinch

    With an ever increasing range of wines for LESS than £1.99, January doesn't have to mean Dry. Here is a guide to our January best buys -
  • New Year, New Look Website!

    We have had a new year makeover, and today saw the release of our shiny new design. It is sleeker and easier to view, plus we have a brand new checkout with some nifty features to help you sail through your order and travel booking in no time.
  • Important - Eurotunnel le Shuttle Travel Update for this Weekend

    If you are planning to travel with Eurotunnel le shuttle this weekend, please read this notice.
  • Latest Travel News - 16th January 2017

    Latest Travel News - 16th January 2017: Eurotunnel Le Shuttle (Folkestone - Calais) and P & O Ferries (Dover - Calais) both report all services operating to schedule in both directions.
  • What Wine to Drink with your Christmas Dinner

    It's only a few days now until the majority of homes in the UK will sit down together to enjoy their much anticipated Christmas feast. In most, certainly in mine, Turkey is an essential part of this, along with all of the necessary trimmings! You have probably already bought a turkey, planned the menu, started peeling the sprouts - a lot of work goes into that one dinner. It's definitely enough of a job to require a glass of wine in your hand! But have you picked the perfect wine to accompany this feast?
  • Visit Calais Christmas Market to Wrap up Christmas

    Many already appreciate the value of a visit to Calais to stock up on wine, cheese and other treats, however there is so much more on offer at this magical time of year. One day in Calais will be enough to fill you with festive cheer, as well as fill your boot with festive goodies.
  • Fantastic Wine for 99p? Yes please!

    For many years we have worked hard to bring you the very best prices on wine - However, we think we have outdone ourselves with this one.
  • Wine Condom - Best Invention Ever!

    Now, this may sound like a joke, I know, it really does. But actually, this is one of the most clever inventions I think I have ever seen!
  • 'Take Your Top Off' and get down to some serious drinking!

    A fantastic microbrewery located in Gypsy Hill, South East London, The London Beer Factory is part of the current British beer revolution. We're stocking 4 beers from them, each sold in a 360º can which allows the drinker to completely remove the lid - letting the full impact of aromas and flavours assault the recipient's nose and taste buds, a truly heavenly experience where the beer is really allowed full expression.
  • How Cork Creative Are You?

    Not sure what to do with all of those discarded corks? Here, let us help you out with some useful ideas.

    Now you have your creative juiced flowing, you best collect up some corks. I think you will need a glass of wine to be getting on with too!

  • Fancy a Day Out in Calais on Us?

    If you have ever visited Calais you will know that aside from the stonking savings on wine to be had at The Calais Wine Superstore, you can also pick up some amazing bargains around town - which make it the perfect place for a festive shopping spree! We have made it even easier to make a day of it - Christmas shopping in style - with our fabulous day out offer.
  • Wine Lovers Guide to a Great Halloween Party

    If you're planning a Halloween celebration we have some great tricks, and treats (see what I did there?) which will make your Halloween party for wine lovers stand out from the crowd. Why not give a few of these a go, and let us know if they are a success!
  • Fancy some Bordeaux Wine with your Marathon?

    Have you ever fancied running a marathon, but thought, no, there just isn't enough opportunity to eat cheese and drink wine in that 6 hour window? Well we may have stumbled across the answer to your dilemma!
  • Zinfantail - Wine for your pet pooch

    Do you remember Pinot meow - the wine for cats we told you about recently? Well the company responsible for cat wine, Apollo Peak, is back with their newest release - yes you guessed it - wine for dogs. So now you're canine friend need not feel left out.
  • 'Stuck' for something to do?

    Time on your hands after another streamlined visit to The Calais Wine Superstore? Fancy seeing wine glasses being made?...or even sweets being made? ...a few ideas for things to do in the region.
  • Drinking Wine Together - The Secret to a Happy Marriage

    So, what's the secret to a successful long term relationship? Alcohol apparently! Well, if you both drink that is.
  • Pink Pigs in A Rural Haven

    If you have a little time on your trip over, this charming area just inland from Le Touquet in Pas-de-Calais is well worth visiting. The Seven Valleys has been described by The Sunday Times as Northern France's best kept secret. With rolling green hills as verdant as anything you will find in the Dordogne, the region, also known as Artois Valleys, has the vibrant and beautiful town of Hésdin at its heart.

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