Best Wines for Spring - Have you Tried These?

I'm sure i'm not alone in celebrating the start of Spring. So what are the best wines to celebrate with?

It's a great British tradition to roll out the shorts and sandals at the slightest whiff of sunshine. It's not unusual to hear "Do you know, it's warmer than Spain today" from someone with a decidedly pink hue to their shoulders.

We have seen misty mornings turn into warm days with a gentle Spring breeze. And with this comes an air of hope and joy, which only a balmy Spring day can bring. I realise that all could change at any moment, as is the joy of the UK weather, however there is no changing the fact that in our minds at least, Spring is in the air.

Based on our best sellers this week, the unseasonable weather has been playing a big part in your wine buying decisions too.

So what are the best wines to enjoy in Spring?

Not everyone agrees that it is necessary to reconsider your wine choice based on the season, and many will have a firm favourite which they stick to throughout the year. However, if you feel tempted by something new, then what better time to give it a whirl?

So here are some of our favourites for Spring, let's see if we can tempt you!

Light Rosé 

Spring is the perfect time of year to indulge in a lighter style of rosé. Great examples can be found in regions of Southern France such as Provence, as well as Spanish regions like Rioja and Navarra. Look for lower alcohol content, lighter colour and delicate fruit aromas.

One to try: Cathare Rosé Domaine des Cathares

Young Pinot Noir

No need to ditch the red. For the essence of Spring a young Pinot noir should be light and full of Summer fruit flavours such as raspberry and strawberry. Serve lightly chilled for a refreshing alternative for red wine lovers. One to try: Pinot Noir Wolfberger

Pinot Noir Wolfberger

Pinot Grigio

A  good quality pinot grigio has a crisp, fruity quality that's just right for late spring. Beautifully aromatic, with scents of white fruits and highlights of flower and spice. One to try: Pinot Grigio Ca'Lunghetta


Most will agree that a chilled glass of Prosecco goes down well at all times of the year. However a glass of this charming sparkling wine from Italy on a warm Spring day is a treat indeed. Softer and more rounded than Champagne, plus more affordable in most cased - It mixes fabulously well with fresh summer fruits such as peaches and raspberries. One to try: Prosecco Visconti Della Rocca


If you want to save your Sauvignon Blanc for the true depths of Summer, then here is an alluring alternative. A powerfully scented wine which is noted for its lychee-like scent. Like Pinot Grigio, the skin of the grape is actually pink and the wines are recognised by their deep colour, bright acidity and unforgettable smell. One to try: Waimea Gewurztraminer


If this has got you in the mood for some fresh new Spring wines then pop across for a visit and give a couple a whirl in the tasting room. We are sure you will love some of our suggestions of the best wines for Spring. We'll have you ready for lazy Sunday afternoons in the garden in no time.

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