Bag in Box Wine is Back!

On my last visit over to Calais I made the leap, and purchased my first ever box of wine. And it seems I'm not alone! With bag in box wine sales soaring - is it the new cool?

Bag in Box - the new black (or bottle)

I was tempted by one of my new favourites, the Julia Florista Red from Portugal, which presents better value in box form - the equivalent to just £1.79 a bottle. I was also swayed by its keep fresh benefits, as I only drink a glass or two a night. 

julia florista bag in box red wine

I followed my purchase with a facebook update - "I'm turning into my mother", as the box of wine, for me, brings back memories of childhood family parties.

But the truth of the matter is, bag in box wine is experiencing a come back. And it's come back all guns blazing.

It seems bag-in-box vino is gradually shedding its image as cheap plonk and becoming the drink of choice for many, according to the latest sales figures. And it's not just here at the Calais Wine Superstore - retailers in the UK have seen the same trend.

Why has Bag in Box Wine earned a new "Cool" Status?


There really is no replacement for a good bottle of wine. BUT the fact is that it doesn't always lend itself to being the most practical of items. And I think this is where boxed wine is winning.

If you're heading to a festival or outdoor event of some kind, of which there are now many, then a box of wine is ever so much more convenient than a box of clinking bottles.

The wine box also suits those who are just drinking a glass or two and want to keep their wine fresh as it stays fresh for 4 to 6 weeks. There's nothing worst than seeing half a bottle of perfectly good wine go to waste!

Plus, the quality has improved, with many of your favourite brands now producing their best sellers in box form too - and usually at a better price.


It also has a lower carbon footprint compared to bottled wine!

What do you think? Is it time to embrace the bag in box?

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