20 of the Best Wine Gifs & Memes on the Internet

The internet is a wonderful place and has many important and useful applications. Of course, one of the most important is being able to look at funny pictures and videos of just about anything, and wine isn't exempt from that!

If you're looking to waste a little time at home or work, then these memes and gifs will help you do just that, and you may well fancy a glass if wine afterwards, too!

1. Let's get you home buddy

drink giraffe meme

We've all had friends like 'Frank' on a night out and had to make sure they get home OK. And sometimes many of us have actually been Frank.

2. The wine diet

wine diet meme

Definitely our favourite kind of diet! Although we don't seem to be losing any weight, which is odd.

3. More wine!

Game of Thrones wine gif

Game of Thrones' Cersei Lannister is most definitely a woman after our own hearts.

4. A glass of wine a day...

Glass of wine a day meme

Good, hearty medical advice that you probably should ignore in all honesty!

5. The grape depression

grape depression meme

For the more intellectual wine lover who's still prone to having a sore head the following day.

6. Cooking with wine

I cook with wine meme

It makes the food taste better!

7. Never drinking again

never drinking again meme

After every single night out! We think practically everyone has been in this situation at some point or another.

8. Ode to wine

Ode to wine meme

Like Shakespeare, Keats and Whitman rolled into one.

9. The wine workout

running to the wine shop meme

We definitely think that it counts. Our favourite type of exercise.

10. Save water, drink wine

save water drink wine

Wise words to live by, especially during hot weather in the summer.

11. It's called a tasting and it's classy

South park wine meme

Randy Marsh from South Park knows what he's talking about. We have wine tastings here at Calais Wine too, so you can try before you buy.

12. Now that's a 'water' cooler

wine cooler gif

Can we get one of these for the Calais Wine office please? No? Oh, OK.

13. Wine enthusiast

wine enthusiast meme

Well if that's the case then we're definitely all wine enthusiasts!

14. Who wants wine?

who wants wine gif

Every Friday afternoon after a hard week at work.

15. Kids are expensive!

Wine kids meme

We can imagine a fair few parents will be able to relate to this. Go on, you deserve a glass.

16. Doing housework right

laundry wine meme

The only way to do housework. Although, it might end up being counterproductive if you spill any.

17. Pessimist or optimist?

wine half full meme

Are you a pessimist or optimist? Apparently it doesn't matter; you still need more wine!

18. Novinophobia


Terrifying! Scarier than spiders, snakes or any horror film. Never let yourself be in this situation.

19. What a waste

wine spill gif

Serves her right for risking spilling such precious wine.

20. Wine sale

wine sale meme

This always fills us with such joy. You'll just have to buy the big bottle instead! Check out the amazing prices on our wine and you'll be fist-pumping as well.

We hope we've given you a bit of a giggle. You've worked hard reading this post; we think you deserve a glass of wine.