Belhaven Twisted Thistle 12 x 33cl bottles


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  • Och nae!...this thistle is twisted enough to get yer sporran in a bunch! American in style yet brewed in Dunbar, Scotland!
  • Big juicy grapefruits! It's bold, yet at the same time flirtatious and coy with a floral fragrance and delicately herbal hoppiness.
  • Great to have around when you need a citrus zing combined with chewy toffee.

Quick Facts

  • Style Lager
  • ABV 5.5%
  • Bottle Size 33cl
  • Country Scotland
  • Perfect With Stew, Venison
  • Occasion Every Day
  • Region Scotland
  • Made by Belhaven Brewery

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Belhaven Twisted Thistle