Appassimento Ottenuto da Uve Passite

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  • A rich Italian red with characteristic notes of ripe fruits, such as plums and raisins
  • The Appassimento wines are similar to the Amarone-productions, but 20% of the grapes hung on the vine until they are partially dried - therefore a sweet and tasteful vintage!
  • A rich delicious and full-bodied wine that really packs a punch - great value at this price.

Quick Facts

  • ABV 14.5%
  • Bottle Size 75cl
  • Colour Red
  • Body Medium
  • Country Italy
  • Region Puglia
  • Main Grape Variety Primitivo
  • Vintage 2019
  • Occasion Wines to impress
  • Made by Botter Casa Vinicola
  • Grape Mix Primativo

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A good buy

Bought a couple of cases after reading the previous reviews and just opened the first bottle.
Well worth the money as it is a wine that has plenty of body and is well balanced in terms of fruit and tannins but even though it packs a lot of alcohol at 14.5%,it remains subtle.
Give it a soybeans disappointed.

A big favourite!

This is a BIG wine,full of body and quality. Due to collect some more in a couple of weeks!


This is a fantastic red wine, one of my favourites, equally as nice as the Notte Rossa Primitivo from M&S that is £11 a bottle.

Glad this is back in stock!

This is an excellent full bodied wine. Everyone has loved it at dinner parties. Excellent for the festive season, and long winter nights!

Wow, what a blockbuster wine

This powerful, raisiny, bitter sweet wine is simply amazing. It is a strong contender for sunner up to a high quality Amarone, and gets our wholehearted cote

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5 Item(s)

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